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It happens to everyone from time to time. You start getting bounce messages about email you didnt send. That usually means that someone is forging your email address - sending mail that looks like it came from you. Yes, its very easy for anyone to do because email isn't designed to protect against that. Normally its either a spammer deciding to hide behind your email address or a friend with a virus trying to spread itself using whatever info it can find in that person's email address book.

So what can you do about it? Honestly, not that much, but we can publish SPF records for your domain that tell the world which server(s) are allowed to originate email from your domain. Mail coming from any other places is either deemed suspiscious or flat out rejected. We already publish SPF information for the domain. If you'd like us to publish SPF information for your domain, please open a support ticket and let us know, but be aware of one possible drawback. You'll have to use our SMTP server(s) to send mail at all times because they're the only ones listed in your SPF record. If you use your ISPs SMTP server(s), you'll run the risk of mail bouncing back at you or being tagged as spam on the recipient's end.

Keep in mind that SPF records don't completely solve the problem. Many mail systems do not look for SPF information at all, or virtually ignore the information if they do, but any little bit helps so if you're really annoyed by this issue let us know and we'll start publishing SPF for your domain in our DNS right away.

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